Initial Devolog

This is the initial develop for the QUANTUM game/Engine/Toolset/etc.

I have attached some concept images which you can look at if you want.

One of these images is a prototype logo that I made in Blender (


I have several story ideas for the game(s). I even wrote a book called CTRL (Control), which is not available to the public yet because it isn't finished.

The book is about a woman living in a cyberpunk world ruled by an evil government who killed her father and took her sister away.

She has joined an illegal rebel group (called the Resistance), who are planning to take down this government.

I am not revealing any names of characters/settings/etc because I might use this story.

Another idea that I have involves a mad scientist who made a powerful weapon that got stolen by thieves. Aliens have invaded the world and this weapon was their only hope.

But now the thieves have sided with the aliens and the mad scientist must create a counter-weapon to disable the first one and defeat the alien army plus the thieves.

Again, names/etc will not be given.

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