Initial Devlog

This is the first Devlog for PROJECT SIM.

The first thing you should know is that PROJECT SIM is not it's final name.

Since I haven't decided exactly what this game is going to be, I'm relying on concept art and concept ideas for a head start.


The project has a gemini icon because it just seems to fit the genre.

Right. Now to important stuff. I wrote a library/program called JSIM which uses JALSE in order to create an entity/AI system to plug into the game. JALSE is a very powerful (and very simple) code library written in java to do just that.

The simulation itself is mostly complete (at least for humanoid beings that can interact etc), it just needs to be plugged into some sort of GUI.

So I thought "why not have [the game] in a classic isometric style like The Sims and SimCity?". So I went ahead and started researching isometric game engines. I liked FLARE (, but it is tailored to RPGs, and is written in C/C++. I also found FIFE (, which is written in C/C++ (with a python binding). Then I thought "meh, combining C/C++/Python/Java in one game is kinda not something I can do just yet."

Then I remembered an old project that I saw a while back. It was a prototype back then. This engine was (is) called Wurfel, which is German for "Cube".

It's free, open source, and written in Java. It has a built-in level editor. Perfect!

So that is what I chose. Now, integrating JSIM and Wurfel will be kind of hard, but it will be worth it at finish(?).

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